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About Me 


Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hello beautiful souls  Let me  introduce myself. My name is Nadia. By profession, I am a registered Social Worker and have worked with the elderly specializing in dementia care and working in long term care settings for many years. Over time I have also trained and become certified as a Reiki Master and Life Coach. My greatest blessings in my life are my two gorgeous sons named Anthony and Daniel. As a young child I had many mystical and magical experiences with the spiritual realm. I was always drawn and intrigued with new age concepts. I realized I had a gift to be able to make contact with loved ones who have crossed over, spirit guides and angels and as I have gotten older those gifts have strengthened. My passion has always been to help people lead their best lives. I love working with people to help them discover what brings them joy and what strategies they can use to lead them on the path towards greatness.

I am a believer in KINDNESS and COMPASSION. I have a drive to foster connection, community and build a tribe of like-minded individuals. As humans we are social creatures. We are meant to convene, take care and support one another. I look for ways to help people not feel so alone. I have a great love and passion for God and am extremely spiritual in my practice. I also ensure to call upon the healing energy of the angels during my work. They have never let me down. I love to teach people how to look within themselves to find all the answers they seek. To connect to their own heart center and soul space. Where do you find your joy? What makes you smile? What would your dream life look like? Let's explore together and play in the magic of manifestation. I would be honored to journey with you. You deserve to lead a life of fulfillment, happiness and love. Will there be storms in our lives? Of course. But let me help teach you how to dance in the rain... Much love to you and don't deny the world of that incredible smile of yours


  • Registered Social Worker, Bachelor of Social Work

  • Certified Reiki Master

  • Certified Life Coach


A Loving Embrace...

Reiki Session With Nadia
'Her voice was a warm embrace. Full of love and compassion, gentle & soothing, guiding me on a peaceful but empowering healing experience during the session. It was blissful and so healing.'  LM

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