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Kids Soul Expression Empowerment Circle

Located in Bolton. Please call to book. Tuesday's 7pm-8pm

Service Description

This is a children's free flowing group (healing circle) where we talk about anything that is of interest to them (God, crystals, spirit, angels, fairies, spirit guides, mindfulness, chakras, psychic gifts, building their intuition, tapping, protective energetic practices, breathwork, energy, affirmations, etc). We will open the healing circle by setting an individual intention and each child will have an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings at their own discretion and comfort. This is a safe and secure space that is focused on fostering acceptance, unity, compassion and love. The children will have an opportunity to be around like-minded individuals and build empowered friendships based on kindness and authenticity. The healing circle will encompass guided meditation and energy healing to promote and enhance physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. It is a place where the children will be loved on and learn how special and unique each of them are. They are the future. This forum is meant to foster their incredible God-given gifts to bring their love and light to this world.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancelation Policy

A 48hr time window is required to cancel your appointment. If you cancel your appointment after this time period, a $50 administration fee will be charged. This fee will also be charged if you miss your scheduled appointment.

Contact Details


336 Queen Street South, Caledon, ON, Canada

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